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TurboTrade is an offshore provider of international trading solutions and products. Headquartered in the Cayman Islands, the world's fifth-largest financial centre and premiere offshore jurisdiction, our success comes from providing distinctive, technologically-advanced trading solutions to our clients.

Our cutting-edge trading platforms for equities and options, global foreign exchange/currency trading, and global commodities/futures, are the most advanced and reliable in the industry. Our thorough understanding of the offshore environment and regulatory requirements can help you to avoid the common pitfalls of offshore trading.

TurboTrade empowers our clients by providing laser's edge direct-access software and technology. Inadequate, incorrect, or latent information can cost you money. Conversely, accurate information alone is nothing without the ability to swiftly execute trades..

TurboTrade helps you become a better trader by updating you on the latest industry trends, information, and news from time to time. We also provide you with intelligent trading tips from the world's leading experts. Our systems and software provide lightning-fast executions and quotes whether you're working in your office in Geneva, or relaxing at home in Taipei.

Additionally, we also showcase a different software feature each month that enables you to execute more profitably and efficiently.

In addition, Penson Financial Services, the clearing firm where your account will be held, has obtained additional insurance coverage of $24.5 million including $900,000 maximum claim on cash, purchased through the National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA (a member company of American International Group).

Neither SIPC nor excess SIPC cover trading losses.

Direct Access Equities Trading

Using our TurboTrader software, active traders and traditional online investors can execute orders directly to the exchanges and ECN's (electronic communications networks) by using smart order routing technology to market makers and integrated NASDAQ Level II. TurboTrade understands that poor fills or slow executions cost you money. Our TurboTrader software bypasses third parties by executing your order directly on the exchange ensuring you get the best fill possible. Most traditional online brokers' such as E*Trade, AmeriTrade, and Schwab use b-enabled systems that send trades via email to brokers who pass them off tomarket makers to be filled manually. These market makers capture "spreads" that are usually between 6¼ and 12½ cents. You can use the same platforms that the Market Maker use for increased profits. The end result is that these $8 trades end up costing you hundreds of dollars in lost profits!

Using our TurboTrader software, you have access to the same execution systems that the market maker firms use to trade against their customers orders.

First-Class Trader Support

Trader Support account executives are on-call to assist our direct access traders with any problems they encounter and to answer any questions they might have. Each member of our Trader Support team is a fully licensed and registered representative capable of executing your buy/sell orders if your system goes down or if you are simply away from your computer and need to place an order. Our Trader Support team will help you during all stages of your trading:

  • Software Installation & Use
  • Entering Buy/Sell Orders
  • Account Assistance
  • Margin Call Explanations
  • Trade Queries


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Please note: There is a risk factor involved in electronic trading, and it can result in substantial loss. You should therefore take into account the crucial factors of your financial status and resources before opting for such trading solutions. Please click here for more information. Money Laundering Prevention

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